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Who’s on the Google Design team?

Google Design is a cooperative effort between the Material Design Team, Developer Relations, and Marketing. Together, we champion and produce content about the great design happening at Google everyday. Our focus is on education and outreach.

I have an event that I want to partner with Google Design. Whom do I contact?

We are always interested in working with creative partners to create new and exciting opportunities for education and enrichment. Please email us at for more info.

How do I work with Google Design?

The best way to get involved with Google Design is to join a design team at Google. Take a look at our Jobs page for a list of design jobs. You will find links to Google’s Career page with further job listings. If you are interested in editorial work, please contact

I've written something about design at Google, will you link to it?

We are always looking for great content to share on Google Design. You are welcome to alert us to your work via our social media channels listed below or by email at, but we cannot guarantee our endorsement.

I have an idea of how to make Google Design better. Whom do I contact?

Write us at

What does design mean to you?

At Google we believe that the user comes first, and this ethos directly informs our design process. We are interested in the ways design and technology can come together to make delightful and beautiful experiences for our users. We also believe good design is never done, which is why we aim to promote and share our process.